Social Change Program – برنامج التغيير الإجتماعي

تعتذر المؤسسة العربية للحريات والمساواة عن الخطأ التقني الذي أدى إلى مشكلة في تلقي المراسلات الإلكترونية في اليومين الماضيين. وتتمنى المؤسسة على كل من قام بمراسلتنا أن يعاود/تعاود المحاولة ثانية.

The Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE) Social Change Program is a year long program that aims at providing individuals, groups and/or organizations in the  Arab World with both theoretical and practical training in the area of Gender and Sexuality and applying it to Social Change.

Program Aims

There are numerous individuals starting to organize across the region around gender and sexual rights and freedoms. While these individuals are motivated, some may lack the experience or the skill set to engage with and become active participants in civil society on such issues. The overall objective of the program is to address the need for a strong civil society working on issues of Gender and Sexuality by creating highly informed and motivated leaders who will affect social change within their communities in the areas of gender and sexual rights. The program will do so by:

  • Integrating theory and practice in thematic areas
  • Providing opportunities for peer learning
  • Creating venues for inter-regional exchange
  • Coordinating thematic internships within the region
  • Facilitating a mentorship program

How The Program Works:

Participants from across the MENA region apply to the program and participate in the different aspects of the program.

  • Training Modules

Participants are expected to attend three required modules and choose at least one and at most two of the optional modules.

  • Internships

Participants may apply for one of three internships. Each  internship is a 6-8 week long  with an organization working in a related field that the participant is interested in learning.

  • Mentorships

A participant may request a mentor to work with them on particular learning objectives either in a short term period (4- 6 months) or a long term period (8-12 months). Mentors are experienced activists, based in MENA and working in a variety of fields.  Mentorships start after the completion of the third module.

  • Projects

Each participant is required to complete at least one small project related to Gender and/or Sexuality. Participants will be able to access a small grant of up to US$ 500 to execute the project.

The program is conducted in Arabic, however some materials may be presented in English as well.

Program Modules

Full participation and attendance of modules is required by all participants in the following modules.

Module I: Gender and Sexuality

A look into the construction of gender and sexuality.

Module II: Social Justice and Community Building

Understanding various mechanisms and tools to achieving social justice, integrating it into our activism.

Module III: Strategic planning

A practical look at building projects and initiatives, their management and sustainability and how to build them around the theme of Gender and Sexuality.

Elective Modules:

Participants will be asked to select either one or two of modules IV – VI after the completion of the third module.

Module IV: Legal Frameworks and Advocacy

Understanding local legal frameworks and policies and how to work through them to affect change. Learn how best to use advocacy and pressure groups.

Module V: Media and Digital Activism

This module covers numerous topics such as mainstream media, traditional media and social media as a means towards activism; digital and otherwise.

Module VI: Health and Sexual Education

Looking at reproductive and sexual health, HIV/AIDS, STI’s, mental health: the issues, the resources, and best practices.


Individuals from and/or residing in the MENA region working  or beginning to work on sexual and bodily rights, and/or gender equality in any field are eligible to apply.

To apply:

To apply, you must provide AFE with:

  • A completed application form (available in English, Arabic, or French)
  • A copy of your latest resume or CV

Program Costs

AFE will cover all program costs, these include:

  • International airfare and airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Training and materials
  • One main meal/day and all coffee breaks
  • Basic daily allowance for miscellaneous expenses

Application Deadline

All application material must be completed and sent to AFE by email to Rebecca Saab Saade at no later than January 23, 2012. Applications received after this date will not be considered.